Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Marsdon 2 hour session

Finished work 6.30 tonight so had a quick tea and
headed down to marsdon got there for 7.30 quickly
got set up and wacked a crab bait out 5 minutes later
this fella was coming up the cliff 36cm cod.

So baited up and back it went out.

Wasn't long before the rod was nodding 2 minutes later
this was coming up the cliff 3lb 2oz

3rd cast a small coalie

Our lass was feeling a bit left out and wishing see
brought her rod so she bait up and had a cast of mine
she had one cast and had one cod 1lb 9oz lol...

Packed in 9.30 as I forgot me head light so all in all a
canny 2 hour session all fish took crab the smaller cod
was deep hook and I don't think it would of lived the 40
foot drop but it was size......

All fish are filleted and ready for the smoker.....

Monday, 3 August 2015

River wear 2/8/15

Had some bait left over from saturday so headed down the wear for a few hours for a flounders but it wasnt to be the crabs were out in force bait were only in the water 5 minutes and the hooks were cleaned i tried pop up beads and that didnt even work but still a nice few hours out.

Bait used crab and rag.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Maryport 1/8/15

Me and Julie set off for Maryport  yesterday morning in the
hunt for some plaice weather wasn't the best as the wind was
blowing strong for the west south west and there was loads
weed. we got there a couple of hours before high water pick
our spot and set up.

The wind was a pain along with that weed but we still stuck it out
but with no luck there was a few lads down and they found it hard
going as well but on the plus side there was a trawler race on which
past the time away lol

At last the blank saver a small smoothound took on crab last cast
so had a few more cast to see if there was an more kicking about
but that was the only fish still its all ways nice to spend a few hour
with our lass doing what I love FISHING......

 Not the best photo mind

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Anglesey July 14th to the 16th

Day 1

Arrived at the camp site round about 2ish on Tuesday
quickly got the tent sent up and after a cuppa we headed
to our first mark four mile bridge after a few bass we had
a couple of hours there with no look we had a few fallows
from bass chasing our lure but no takes..

Four mile bridge.

Holly Head breakwater......

Day 2

We headed to a mark next to a go karting track we got set up
with the big rods trying for rays and huss but all we managed
was dogs we also tried for a few wrasse and Pollack but with
nee luck only the one wrasse which fell to me 2lb 4 we fished
here most of the day.

After there we headed back to try for them bass but with no luck
yet again..

Day 3

Last day we planed on a full day on Hollyhead breakwater and we
had a lot more luck than the first night we fished there and had
wrasse dogs small Pollack and whitingif you want to keep fit walking
that breakwater will help lol but its worth the walk..

we had loads of these..

And these..

The boys enjoying a bit sun lol

And after a busy days fishing a well deserved few beers...

Well all in all a great few days away with good craic cant wait for the
next trip.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Few hours on the tyne

Venue           Milldam.

Anglers        Myself , Dave.

Weather       Sunny with a slight east wind.

Bait             Frozen blacks , mackerel

Me and Dave headed down the Tyne for a few hours
flattie bashing but the crabs made it difficult soon as
the bait hit the water the crabs where on it we ended 
up blanking no photos of fish but a few of the Tyne.

The tyne is a busy river.....

  The Nissan boat coming in to loads up

Cargo ships coming in and going out.

And the shields ferry.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

South Wales 2014

Day 1

Me and our Jackson left Sunderland on Wednesday morning 6.45 and 
headed for south Wales to pick Meic up and head for the camp site after
putting the tent up and grabbing a bite to eat we headed to our fish mark
the knapp nice looking beach we were hoping to pick a ray or a hound 
up but that never happened it was just doggies and a red gurnard and a 
nice fry up lol

 The knapp

we fished well into dark and still no hounds or rays so we headed back 
to camp for a few beers and bit craic.

Day 2 

The plan for the morning was to fish Aberthaw for the big hounds but the
wind played it part in spoiling it but we still give it ago it was hard work 
in the wind and we all blanked so after 5 hours of getting blown all over 
we headed back to camp for a bite to eat then headed to Porthcaw pier in
the hunt for a ray or 2 but you couldn't get passed the doggies so it was 
dogs all night.


Day 3

We planned to fish Witches all day so after a bite to eat we headed there
but that wind was still blowing but we still give it ago we were hoping to
get any thing that was swimming by lol but yet again it was hard going 
there was only one fish caught and that was our Jackson a small red gurnard.
We headed back to the camp for a few beers and reflected on our 3 days 
fishing and where we went wrong or if it was the weather that spoiled the
fish all in all a great 3 days away fishing new marks and great craic 
thanks Meic for showing us the marks we will have to try them again soon.

 Me and our Jackson
 Meic and Jackson